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Our story

Liquid Gold

Value can too easily be described in monetary terms.
So what is the value of your health?

Our honey is as pure as honey can be. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytonutrients and prebiotics. Cold extracted and pressure free, our honey is authentic and maintains its lasting health benefits.

Our bees feed on the native Australian forest that surrounds our farm. No sugar feeding. No movement from site to site. Nothing artificial. Nothing impure. Resulting in a product that is floral, with a lasting aftertaste which maintains its natural flavours and health promoting properties.

Honest 100% pure raw organic Australian honey is liquid gold for your body and your health!

Our Range

Healthy bees are happy bees.

Our goal was to create an environment where the bees are healthy. We don't artificially interrupt or manipulate their natural processes. Consequently, we have healthy bees with a rich and varied diet of native pollens and nectars.

The end result is happy bees.