About Us

Our story started 20 years ago, not with bees, honey, and the environment, but with a special bond forged through the love of quality food. Two friends met whilst working on the Gold Coast in the late 90’s. They enjoyed trying new restaurants, frequenting their local favourites, and cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

As time went on, their friendship took them to Sydney where their lives evolved. However, their love of quality food was always present.

One friend’s food journey progressed towards quality food for health. Resulting in with 30-day juice fasts, vegetarian living then to paleo and keto, and competitive endurance racing. In search of the optimal diet for health and performance, this friend’s journey focused on quality nutrition to fuel the body.

Whilst the other friends journey took him to France, in search of quality food for pleasure. Resulting in a love of seasonal produce, foraging, farmers markets, local specialities, and an appreciation of the nature’s bounty. Needless to say, this friend’s waistline is perhaps not as sculpted as his friends.

Fast-forward several years and one friend has moved to rural New South Wales with his family in pursuit of health, vitality, and freedom, and the other friend has returned to Australia in search of the highest quality Australian products delivered seasonally without chemicals, additives, or supplements.

Enter the bees. Surrounded by acres of untouched eucalyptus forests, our bees flourished allowing the hives to be split and split again. In 2017, Horizon Honey Pty Ltd was established. Then came the challenges. We discovered that in 24 hours ants can completely take over a hive. The farm bull was attracted to the sweet smell of the honey and rammed hives in search of its treasures. In 2018, New South Wales was in drought. In 2019, bush fires came within 150 metres of the farm fence line, and most recently, in 2021, the farm experienced severe flooding. But the bees stayed. They didn’t swarm. They endured. They knew of the abundance at their hive entrance and stayed with us.

This is important because Australia was built on persistence. Australia is a great place to live with an abundance of natural advantages. Now we get to share that with you. Horizon Honey produces 100% raw organic unfiltered honey, straight from our hives to you. We are a single site apiary, so the honey you enjoy is not blended, diluted, or adulterated. Horizon Honey is 100% pure honey.