Is your honey Australian?

100% of our honey is from our hives on our farm. We have never imported honey.
The seasonal nature of honey production dictates our supply of honey. If we sell all of our honey, we must wait until the next harvest before we can fill customer orders or re-supply retailers.
Seasonal consumption as nature intended.

Where do you get your honey?

All our honey is 100% Australian.
Our honey comes from our hives. We do not source honey from other apiaries. We know and care for our bees and work with them to ensure their health and colony conditions are optimised.
A happy bee produces nature’s liquid gold.

Has Horizon Honey ever imported honey?

In the past, we have eaten imported honey and found it lacked flavour, depth, and colour. It ran in the jar like sugar syrup and was barely golden in colour. Some Australian honey's even tasted like burnt caramel! We started keeping bees because we value the nutritional health of our children. Now, we never need to eat pasteurised fake honey ever again.
Our bees produce thick, dark honey thanks to the native Iron Bark forests which surround the farm.

Why doesn’t Horizon Honey import honey?

The heart of our business is high quality pure nutritious Australian food.
Australia is a lucky country to be free from several pests which have decimated bee colonies internationally. Our flora is richly diverse to provide food year-round for our bees. Imported honey carries with it the risk of importing disease which may affect the health of the Australian Bee industry. Additionally, imported honey also carries the risk of cheap sugar syrups and other cheap ingredients.
We would never sacrifice our values for cheap profits.

Why does my honey look cloudy?

Pasteurised honey does NOT hold pollen and bubbles in suspension.
We cold extract our honey using gravity, not centrifugal force or pressurised vessels. To ensure the enzymes are maintained we never apply heat. When extracting and bottling, we use gravity, rather than forced pressure. Consequently, natural pollens and bubbles are held in suspension. Some of these can make their way to the top of the jar. Eventually they will dissipate, however, being there is a sign of the nutritional benefits contained within the honey.
We would never sacrifice the quality of our product for superficial aesthetics.

How do I distinguish Australian honey from imported honey?

The Australian Made logo.
The Horizon Honey label carries with it the Made in Australia logo. Our honey has been certified to be 100% Australian made. Any product that you look at which carries this logo has been certified to be either a Product of Australia or Made in Australia. By law we must show what percentage of our product is from Australia.
100% Australian Eucalypt, 100% Australian Honey, 100% Australian Owned.

Your label says 100% raw organic honey, what does that mean?

Our honey is 100% honey: straight from the hive to you.
It is pure, it is natural, it is as nature intended. Gathered by bees from native Australian eucalypt. Our honey complies with the Australian Food Standards Code and does not contain anything additional or has had anything removed to change it from its natural composition. We do not use sugar feeding, only native flora. We do not heat pasteurise our honey during extraction and bottling, only gravity. These steps are more labour intensive; however, our product is completely different to that of synthetically fed bees.
Raw; non heat treated & Organic; no chemicals, preservatives or pesticides. 100% natural!

Is your honey natural?

Horizon Honey is 100% pure raw organic unadulterated Australian honey.
Our bees do what bees do naturally. We do what we can to support the health of the hives by preventing pests and disease, and ensuring consistent fresh water sources. After that, we get out of their way. We want them to do what they do naturally; produce that beautiful, rich, luxurious, golden liquid we love so much.
100% pure, noting added, nothing removed.

Is your honey raw?

Raw, unfiltered, unadulterated; Understood!
Our harvesting process employs no heat treatment. Heating honey above 45 degrees Celsius deteriorates the natural enzymes which make it nutritious and beneficial. Additionally, heating honey breaks the molecular bonds, which results in very runny honey. Heating honey up to 37 degrees Celsius causes the loss of nearly 200 components which are antibacterial. For this reason, we use gravity and not pressure or centrifuge to extract and bottle our honey.
We do not heat our honey, EVER!

Is your honey ultra-filtered?

We never ultra-filter our honey!
Ultra-filtration is a process whereby the honey is passed through very fine filters to remove everything, from bubbles, to tiny pollen grains. The result is a honey that is shiny and glossy, but does not crystalise, which is not as nature intended. Our honey contains pollens and bubbles, a sign of the unprocessed natural state of our honey. If your honey were to crystallise, sit it in the sun for a short time. Never put it in the microwave or a pot of boiling water. Remember, always store honey under body temperature!
Honey without pollen is like a freshly laid egg without a feather on the shell.

Is your honey organic?

Horizon Honey is 100% pure natural raw organic honey.
Our bees feed on Eucalypt forests. Sadly, the 2019 bush fires, damaged much of their feeding ground. However, life goes on. The bees didn’t swarm, the forest recovered and the flowers continued to bloom. We are blessed to have such a bounty at our table; a bounty the bees feed on, nothing else, only pure, natural, Australian Eucalypt forest.
If we used chemicals, we would kill our bees.

Do you add sugar to your honey?

Never! We do not cheat and sugar feed our bees.
The practice of sugar feeding hives involves buckets of sugar syrup being provided close to hives so bees don’t have to ‘work’ to collect fructose for the hive. Consequently, the bees become malnourished, which adversely effects the health of the hive.
Bees need to forage from flowers. They need nectar for carbohydrates, pollen for protein and amino acids, and fats for health. Healthy bees are happy bees. Perhaps that’s why they didn’t swarm after the fires and floods.
Bees need a balanced diet, just like humans.

How is your honey extracted from hive honeycomb?

When the bees have filled a frame and capped it with beeswax, it is ready to be harvested.
We regularly inspect the hives to ensure colony health and strength. However, we only harvest twice a year. We custom designed and built our harvesting machine, to maintain the health benefits of our honey. Rather than use heat or centrifugal force, we use gravity and time. The process may take longer, but it ensures that the quality of the honey is maintained, and rich full flavour is delivered to every pot of honey.

Healthy bees are happy bees!